Made-to-measure immersive experiences
What can we create for you?
We will take you on a journey, tailor-made for your interests and passions. Ready to take on the challenge?
treasure hunt
All together or in competing groups, go for a fun treasure hunt for a birthday, family gathering or bachelorette party

Exceptional gift

Donnez un moment de rêve à quelqu'un, dans l'univers de ses intérêts, de ses passions. Demandez au Sphinx, offrez une émotion.
Surprise trip
Set off on an improvised week-end to a surprise destination and wait for the clues: the most exciting is to come!
You decided to ask THE question but you want to make it truly unique and unforgettable? Let us take care of the magic!
Company team building
You are looking for a group activity with your colleagues? Go on a challenging mission altogether to build your team spirit!
How does it work?
First meeting
We meet for the first time to discuss your project, your interests and preferences
First draft
We get back to with you with the enigma plan, main elements of the script and the budget
We do the magic
You validate the final scenario and we take care of organising everything
You enjoy your enigma!
On the D-day, everything is ready for you to have a magic moment. We are nearby!
About us
We met in 2015 in Paris. In love with each other and our city, we started to create quests, enigmas and treasure hunts : for each other and then our friends.

In 2020, we decided to offer these exceptional moments to more people and start our personalised enigmas' company - Paris Hearts & Minds.

We are excited to hear from you and help you have an unforgettable day.

Anastasia & Thomas

Enigmas' examples
A chess game in Paris
A crazy chess player has charmed your friend!
To save him, you must learn about chess and Paris in the 19th century.
Enter the game, use your tower, protect the king at any price
Free your friend but be careful, do not be checked thrice!
Secret agent in Occupied Paris
Parachuted from London with your British cool and common sense,
your mission is, if you accept it, to infiltrate the scientific community
of occupied Paris, to steal information and to escape with the Resistance.

This mission requires diplomacy skills, history knowledge and a true spy's capacity to bluff in front of Nazi soldiers, collaborationists and double agents.
On Vivaldi footsteps in Venice
The composer was the image of the city, covered with praise and debt.
Embark on a journey between canals and alleys, explore
the palazzos to meet their former owners and decode
the hidden signs of painters and poets on the city walls.
Pirate's treasure in Seychelles
Sur les pas du célèbre et redoutable pirate Olivier Levasseur, dit La Buse,
vous appareillez direction les Seychelles. Hissez la grande voile, réglez votre sextant,
guidez vous aux constellations et creusez vos méninges pour décoder
le message et la carte laissés derrière lui et pour retrouver le trésor !
What is an enigma?
It's a treasure hunt, it's an immersive experience, it's a race against time, it's a time travel or it's all that at once... It can be played outside or inside, alone or in teams, with actors or with items.

The point is, it's what you want it to be, and so much more: be a spy on an infiltration mission, discover where a pirate has buried a treasure, free your SO from the claws of a mad scientist... Use your imagination !
Are you there on the D-Day?
Yes. We do the design, we choose the contractors or the partners in quests but we also implement the story, do the rehearsals and manage the teams on the D day or the W week. We will coordinate with you for costs approval and for the operational arbitrations to follow your intentions and wishes.

You can join with your brain or leave it to us, but when the time comes, you can just play and enjoy !
How much does it cost?
We will first set up a kick-off meeting in order to check our respective availabilities and if we can offer something that meets your expectations. This kick-off meeting is free.

If you order a single-time experience entirely customised according to your desires and interests, our fees start at EUR 1280 plus costs (rental of premises, cars, actors, other providers...) and go up to match the limits of your imagination...or of your budget! We can also adapt pre-existing enigmas for a price starting at EUR 500 (see below).

You may choose between a single payment or three instalments. In any event, we do not commit to any costs on your behalf without your prior agreement on the estimates. The costs must be paid at the very least on the start day of the experience.
Do you have ready-made enigmas?
We can offer several refitted scenarios, especially in Paris, based on prior immersive experiences set for other players. Please check our website or use the contact from to set up a kick-off meeting.

These "ready to play" enigmas are shorter to recreate and may be provided much faster than our bespoke experiences. They are the go-to option that we would suggest if you plan to offer or enjoy an enigma in less than a month.
I want to make a surprise for a someone. Can I participate too?
We can opt for full disclosure at the beginning in order to build the most personalised experience possible for your intended recipient. Should you want it, we can also keep all or part of the trip secret, including to you, in order to let you enjoy the surprise together! A third option would be to give us the contact details of your friends and relatives and let us do the magic while staying totally in the dark... Once again, the only limit is your imagination !
You want to live a thrilling experience?
Let's talk about it! Leave your request here and we will get back to you shortly for the first call.
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